About Us

Who We Are

The Vantage Foundation stands as an autonomous, non-profit entity committed to nurturing human potential and rejuvenating global communities. Our mission? To fast-track societal advancements, ensuring a just and green future for everyone. By leveraging our distinctive role, we bridge the gap among charities, enterprises, and philanthropists, making giving straightforward and amplifying the profound impact of charitable endeavours. At our core, we champion the success of charities and social initiatives. Embodying the spirit of a charitable institution, we grasp both the tribulations and the triumphs of non-profit endeavours. Through our advisory, funding, and financial solutions, we empower charities to enact transformative changes and bolster their enduring resilience. Our digital footprint has expanded globally, spreading kindness and offering support in communities from Australia and India to Italy, Thailand, and the UK. By nurturing compassion within ourselves we can build a world where everyone is welcomed, protected, and empowered to shape their lives. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of millions and create a more inclusive, tolerant, and compassionate world for all.


  • Shine a light on invisible disadvantages.


  • Empower others to better their futures.